Do you sometimes hear about AI or data science and how it appears to be this key to unlock great potentials in the data assets of your company? Many companies are already investing in data analysis and implementing these data science methods and there are some great examples out there.

Machine learning solves protein puzzle

One of the greatest advancements in biology has recently been made by machine learning. Understanding how proteins fold can lead to faster drug development and potentially break down plastics in the oceans and help decarbonize the atmosphere.

How do you compete with Amazon?

A Tech Swedish startup has a different idea on how to take on Amazon. Using machine learning, Depict takes a new approach to better recommend products customers may also like, that doesn’t rely on large amounts of data.

Meet our trend spotters

Andrea and Theodor are two of our stars at Sigma Tech Talent. Both are consultants with passion for AI and data science. Click below to read more about their professional lives and their backgrounds.